The island Lastovo has already been mentioned in the 4th century BC as Ladesta and Ladeston. The Greek tribe called it Ladestanos. The Romans gave the island the solemn latin name of Augusta Insula meaning the island of Emperors. During the middle ages the name would be transcribed as Augusta, Lagusta or Lagosta. In the Mid-10th century it has a slavic name Lastobon which proves the early existance of Croats. Rich history of the island is marked by over 30 churches and chapels from ancient times.

Green island in the midst of the blue adriatic open sea has escaped by a miracle the blessings of civilization. Lastovo is maybe the last piece of the former mediterranean Homer came and lord Byron tool his inspirations from. Lastovo means a vacation in harmony with untouched nature, in the ambience of traditional arhitecture, enjoying healthy and fresh island food from the fields and the crystal-clear sea, a vacation with wine already drunk by the Roman emperors.

Lastovo has all the characteristic features of the Mediterranean climate, such as mild and humid winters and warm, draughtly and long summers. The Lastovo arcipelago consist of 46 island and cliffs in the crystal-clear sea rich with fish and lobsters. Lastovo is one of the most wooded island but also has olive groves, vineyards and orchards and fields with vegetables grown in harmony with nature, favouring development of eco-gastronomy…

A way to the camp

1st stop – SPLIT

There are several ways to get to Split port, from where ferry boats and catamarans leave for the island Lastovo, one way is to travel by plane. Split airport is 20 kilometres from the ship terminals at Split port. Croatia Airlines, with its local and international flights connect Split to Zagreb and other European cities. For more information about local and international flights to Split see

Our neighbours Italians prefer to travel by sea and they can get to Split from Ancona within 8 hours journey with fast and direct ferry line. For more information about iz see pages of the Croatian ship company “Jadrolinija”.

For those who like travelling by car, a new highway Zagreb-Split will speed up the way. More about roads and tolls find out on the web: Hrvatskih autocesta d.o.o. and Hrvatskog auto kluba.

2nd stop – LASTOVO

You can come to Lastovo from Split by ferry or catamaran that transport passengers and vehicles every day. Information about departures, arrivals and prices at

3rd stop – THE CAMP “SKRIVENI”

When you get to Ubli port on the island Lastovo you are 16 kilometres away from the camp. Follow the road to Lastovo village about 10 kilometers and then follow the sign “Skrivena luka” at the entrance to Lastovo centre for about 6 kilometres. The camp “Skriveni” is on the right side of the road, 100 metres before the sign Skrivena luka in the thich olive grove.

Camp Skriveni

About the camp

The camp “Skriveni” is situated on the south of the island, 6 kilometres from the village Lastovo, surrounded by the 2 inlets: Skrivena luka, one of the biggest and most beautiful inlets on Lastovo and Uska, narrow and deep inlet with beautiful and isolated beach and light blue sea. The camp is situated in the valley sheltered with hills in the thick olive grove that creates atmosphere almost like the one in fairytales. Among many cultural sights on the island that is 1.000 years old, the vicinity of the camp offers you talkien’s adventure, walking up the non inhabited hills and valleys, coming across beautiful isolated inlets, caves in which depth you find admiration, silent woods and divine views.

Healthy and fresh food is the main characteristic of the local cuisine, which you can enjoy at the olive grove of the camp “Skriveni” belonging to family Barbić. On a nicely arranged terrace in the ambience of traditional architecture, the family Barbić created incredible domestic atmosphere, using only products from the nature. Fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, domestic wine, olive oil, bread under iron pan, carob brandy etc., is the part of their gastronomic offer which makes a deep impression on everybody who tries their specialty.

The camp has its own parking area, toilets and showers with running water throughout the year.

“Skrivena luka” is the beach 500 metres away, on the south of the camp. There is a road which connects it with the camp and you can use any means of transportation.Beaches

“Uska” is the beach 300 metres away on the west of the camp. There is a path from the camp to reach it, but only on foot or by boat.

Excursions and fishing

Boat excursions to island Saplun, inlets Uska and Staklena, as well as Medvjedina which is the last resort of the Mediterranean sea-bear, extinct in the Mediterranean.

Possibility for daily fishing tours for 5 persons, guests of the camp “Skriveni”.

Price list

Person per night 10,00 € (75,34 kn)
Children from 5-12 years 5,00 € (37,67 kn)
Car 2,00 € (15,07 kn)
Camper 6,00 € (45,21 kn)
Rent a Tent 4,00 € (30,14 kn)
Tourist Tax. 1,06 € (7,99 kn)



Camp Skriveni
Skrivena luka bb
20 290 Lastovo, Croatia

tel: +385 (0)20 801 189
mob: +385 (0)95 573 41 02
mob: +385 (0)95 817 54 81